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  Professional offshore incorporations and offshore banking services since 1996

"Caribbean 2" bank,

(with office in Hungary)


20.10.2008: Message from the bank, reassuring customers that the bank is NOT affected by the Financial crisis:
(according to our agreement with the bank, the real bank name can not be disclosed, so we'll use generic name "Caribbean 2")


We are certain you will have heard about the economic conditions affecting banks in certain countries and especially the USA that has become known as the "credit crunch". Several banks have had to be rescued or taken over.

We would like to reassure you that your "Caribbean 2" Bank account is perfectly safe and your transactions perfectly secure for the following reasons:

- We are primarily not a lender and have never lent to any "sub prime" borrowers

- "Caribbean 2" Bank has never traded in complex derivatives, securitized loans, traded mortgage debt or any form of "toxic debt" and we have never had any of these assets on our books

- We have never had any dealings with Lehman Brothers, AIG or Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac nor with the European and British banks who have also encountered difficulties

- Our surplus funds are only invested with strong, world-class banks with broad based businesses. We have never placed funds with any investment bank. "Caribbean 2" Bank has always had a conservative and risk adverse policy and we have always treated the safety and security of our client's accounts as our primary objective. For this reason we have not been directly or indirectly affected by the present market turmoil in the USA and we will continue to pursue the same policies to ensure that your funds are not at risk.



Summary of features:

  • Full Internet Banking, (you can send international wire transfers, and check balance)

  • Normal due diligence and ID requirements, but no apostille is required.

  • Debit cards available

  • Low monthly fees,

  • Low bank fees

  • Corporate Debit Cards Payment System for Affiliates, Partners.

Check here the Corporate Debit Cards Payment System for Affiliates, Partners .


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Bank offers you the opportunity to open either personal or corporate accounts. Both types of accounts can be held in USD or EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY.

The main currency of the Bank is US dollars.

If you have a USD account with Digipass device you are able to open and maintain your accounts in other currencies such as: EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY.

See Current Account conditions

You may choose between:

  • Current account in USD with bankcard only
  • Current account(s) denominated in the following currencies: USD (with Cirrus/Maestro or MasterCard debit card) or EUR / CHF / JPY / GBP. Please note that to manage multi-currency accounts you will need the Digipass device.


Internet Bank with your Internet Access Code, provided at account opening:

  • Check your current account balance
  • Check your history of transactions categorized by time or amount;

Internet Bank with Digipass:

  • Check your current account balance(s), all booked transactions, or incoming transactions
  • Execute both internal and external bank transfers
  • Execute exchange transactions with currencies in which you have current accounts.

You can order a Digipass device any time so you can access both our Internet Bank

You can always withdraw money using your USD bankcard at ATM cash machines and paying for products and services at POS merchants which display the Maestro/ Cirrus / MasterCard logos.


Fees and Charges: With Digipass
(from the bank website)

Corporate Account
USD Current Account with the Digipass and the bank card


Account Opening

Account opening fee:
Consists of: account opening fee, debit card, PIN code, IAC, the Digipass, its issuance personalization and the postage.
USD 165.00 USD 245.00*

*Please note that for security reasons courier is mandatory in case of ordering a MasterCard debit card. Courier fee: 2 85.00 USD

Account Maintenance Fee

Security deposit (i.e. blocked amount): USD 120.00 + 1% of the previous day closing balance will be blocked from the initial minimum deposit USD 200.00 + 1% of the previous day closing balance
Account maintenance fee: USD 19.00/month USD 35.00/month
Credits to the account:
(for incoming SWIFT wires)
Please note that our correspondent banks may charge their fees (if any) for wire transfer and those fees are debited on the amount transferred.
USD 9.00 USD 9.00
Account closure fee: USD 70.00 USD 70.00

Digipass Fee

Digipass stoppage fee USD 20.00/ device USD 20.00/ device
Digipass issuance / replacement fee USD 45.00/ device USD 45.00/ device

The Digipass is a small device that is necessary for the secure execution of transactions through the Internet Bank.


Internal bank transfer: 0.1% (min: USD 5.00, max:USD 100.00) 0.1% (min: USD 5.00, max:USD 100.00)
Outgoing bank transfer: 0.3% (min: USD 38.50, max: USD 400.00) 0.3% (min: USD 38.50, max:USD 400.00)
Recall of a SWIFT wire transfer: USD 75.00 USD 75.00
Wire investigation: USD 75.00 USD 75.00

Bankcard Fees

Loyal Bank issues Maestro/Cirrus debit cards to USD denominated accounts only. There is NO bankcard to accounts in other currencies.

Cash withdrawal cost: USD 3.85 + 1.15% USD 3.85 + 1.15%
Purchase using bank card: USD 1.25 USD 0
Decline ATM fee: USD 0.65 USD 0.65
Balance request fee: USD 0.50 USD 0.50
Bank card stoppage fee: USD 15.00 USD 15.00
Bank card replacement fee: USD 15.00 USD 50.00
Bank card renewal fee: USD 10.00 USD 10.00
Additional Bank card: USD 15.00 USD 15.00
Additional bankcard monthly fee: USD 1.00 USD 1.00

Please note that on non-USD card transactions a conversion fee of 1.15% will apply.

Other Fees

Internet Access Code replacement: USD 15.00 USD 15.00
Internet Access Code stoppage: USD 15.00 USD 15.00
Internet Access Code
change in applet:
USD 1.00  
Audit statement: USD 50.00 /st + mailing fee USD 50.00 /st + mailing fee
Registering changes to main account data: USD 1.00 /item USD 1.00 /item
Mailing fee concerning message errors: USD 35.00 / message USD 35.00 / message
Account Statement issuance and provision to the client:
  • courier 
    USD 85.00 / statement
  • by post 
    USD 15.00 / statement
  • via fax 
    USD 25.00 
  • via email 
    USD 1.50
  • courier 
    USD 85.00 / statement
  • by post 
    USD 15.00 / statement
  • via fax 
    USD 25.00 
  • via email 
    USD 1.50
Other Statements (swift message copy, notification, etc.): USD 15.00 / statement USD 15.00 / statement
Bank reference: USD 40.00 USD 40.00
Account Statement
a. for a period from 
6 to 12 months
b. for a period from 
12 to 24 months
c. for a period greater 
than 24 months

USD 15.00

USD 20.00

USD 30.00

USD 15.00

USD 20.00

USD 30.00
Mailing by courier: USD 85.00
USD 85.00
SMS alert fee USD 0.49 USD 0.49
Denied card chargeback:
(Charged only upon receipt of documents, proving that chargeback request was groundless)
USD 60.00 USD 75.00

Multi-Currency Current Account Fees

To open a Current Account(s) in currencies other than USD specifically: EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY - you should have an active or have applied for a USD Current Account with Digipass. Without Digipass you will be not able to operate your multi-currency accounts.

There will be only ONE Digipass for the USD and all multi-currency accounts of one client that is issued to USD account.

  EUR () GBP () CHF JPY ()
Account opening fee 6.00 4.00 CHF 8.00 600.00
Account maintenance fee (per month) 5.00 3.00 CHF 7.00 550.00
SMS alert fee 0.33 0.25 CHF 0.53 53.00
Blocked amount 
Should be transferred at the account opening
30.00+ 1%
of the closing balance
of the closing balance
CHF 45.00 +1% 
of the closing balance
of the closing balance
Account closure fee 60.00 40.00 CHF 90.00 8185.00
Credits to the account 
(for incoming SWIFT wires)
7.00 5.00 CHF 11.00 995.00

Exchange fee 1.5% 1.5% 1.5% 1.5%
Conversion requiring manual intervention 4.00+ 1.50% 3.00+ 1.50% CHF 6.00+ 1.50% 550.00+ 1.50%
Internal bank transfer to another client's account 0.1% 
min 4.00 
max 80.00
min 3.00
max 60.00
min CHF 6.00 
max CHF 120.00
min 550.00
max 11000.00
Outgoing bank transfer 0.3% 
min 31.00
max 270.00
min 22.00
max 183.00
min CHF 48.00 
max CHF 417.00
min 4500.00
max 38000.00
Audit statement 
(per statement)
40.00 30.00 CHF 60.00 5500.00
Registering changes to main account data (per item) 0.90 0.70 CHF 1.40 120.00
Mailing fee concerning message errors (per message) 28.00 21.00 CHF 42.00 3850.00
Account Statement:
  a. courier
  b. by post
  c. via fax 
  d. via email



CHF 90.40 
CHF 18.00 
CHF 30.00 
CHF 1.80

Other Statements:
(SWIFT message copy, notification)
12.00 9.00 CHF 18.00 1650

The bank reserves the right to charge any overdue account management fees on Multicurrency accounts to whichever account of the client that has the highest available balance.

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