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Athens - Greece
 Maildrop Service - Prices and Details
Prominent Street Mailing Address

Acquire a prominent street mailing address in Athens, Greece. Just advise as to under what names/aliases mail will be received under. Personal Package: there is a 2 personal name limit to the number of names/aliases per box. Business Package: There is a 2 personal name limit and 2 company name limit to the number of names/aliases per box. 

We accept courier services, packages, registered and certified mail. Mail can be forwarded at any frequency or held pending further instructions. We offer overnight delivery and express services. When you mail us a parcel, we immediately take care of it per your instructions. Perhaps you want your mail forwarding delivered via express mail to you. That can be arranged as well deducting from your postal deposit. We have several packages for your mail box needs.

Receiving Mail

Use our address whenever you want your privacy. When we receive your mail, we forward it directly to the address of your choice, or we can hold your mail until you request it forwarded. You can receive letters, parcels, registered and certified letters from international postal services and courier companies such as FedEx, U.P.S. and D.H.L. If you need an address quickly, we can help you.

Sending Mail

This service is arranged for maximal privacy. Simply send us your outbound mail in a single envelope or package containing your pre-addressed letter(s) or package(s). Do not put stamps on your letters to be mailed, we will add the local postage and debit your postal deposit account accordingly.

Mail Forwarding

Send all sealed and addressed mail to our address to be forwarded by EMDS. We then re-mail all sealed and addressed mail contained in the received envelope, and confirm to you via e-mail. We will only deduct actual postage charges from your postal deposit.

Courier Services World Wide

We can forward your mail via private couriers (Fed-Ex, UPS, DHL, ACS, Etc.) as well as receive your packages. Mail us your documents or packages and we can re-mail from our international office from Athens, Greece.

Voice Mail, Fax & Secretarial Answering Service

We also offer voice mail and fax numbers where you can check your messages from anywhere around the world at anytime of day. You can receive voice mail messages and faxes to your e-mail account. Use our secretarial answering service and a live operator will answer your phone calls from local time 9-5pm.

Signing Up

No ID's are necessary to sign up. Client Records are not kept on the premises. The only details we require to apply are:

  • An E-mail address (to send initial account details to).
  • Mail forwarding address - You may provide this at a later date if you wish us to hold your mail.
  • Aliases or names you would like your mail accepted under. 
  • Authorization Code - 6 digit password for client protection and security.


Mail drop 1 year Euro500 + 50 postage deposit = 550
Mail drop 1 year + fax Euro 600




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