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merchant accounts

Let us explain a little bit about the merchant accounts:

Most people are used to the merchant accounts from their local bank, which they can easily get from theyr bank. The bank knows EVERITHYNG about them, and knows where to get them if they charge cards and try to run away with the money... (in US any bank knows anything about anybody...)

Client usually can also get a POS machine, and the funds charged to a card are cleared in his bank account the same day.

Advantages: usually low charge fees, funds available instantly.


  • Funds are subject to income taxes.

  • Extensive due diligence

  • Collateral required on some cases.

THIRD PARTY merchant accounts: for those unable to get the one above, or prefer not to pay income taxes on international sales. (People doing business over the net, international merchants, etc...)

With this setup, you sign an agreement with a MASTER Merchant account and they will charge the clients for you, keep the funds for some time, (3 weeks usually, or keep a 10% reserve) and they will pay you, after 3 weeks, to make sure you didn't charged cards fraudulently and try to run with the money.

The client will have time to report a fraudulent charge within 3 weeks, so the Master merchant is covered.


  • The Master merchant can wire the funds to your offshore company bank account. (the money you charged from your customers Credit Cards)

  • Setup can be done in just few days (you just sign up and send them some minimum due diligence)

  • Lower Due diligence requirements than Master Merchant accounts

  • No collateral required.


  • You receive the money only after 3 weeks (usually)

  • If the money sent to your PERSONAL account, you'll have to report the funds and you will be taxed.

Because of taxation, people prefer to go offshore, and have those funds sent to an offshore account, where they can keep and spend the money tax free.


An offshore company, can only get a THIRD PARTY merchant account, because there is no bank in the world that can take such a risk and charge cards for someone they never met (you) and put the money in his bank account, because the client can run with the money and leave the bank with the chargeback.

An offshore company having limited liability, the client is well protected, and the bank will have really hard time to recover the charged back funds from the merchant (you), because in most cases the client does not live in the same country where the bank is..., and to get a conviction, the bank will have to sue the client in his own country...


What we can do for you:

We will incorporate an offshore company for you, help you open the offshore bank account for this new offshore company, and refer you to some Master merchant account providers to open the Third Party merchant account to be able to receive payments by credit cards.

We will NOT charge you anything for the merchant account set up. You will deal directly with the merchant provider.
The only link between the merchant provider and the offshore company is that the merchant will send the funds to your new offshore bank account. Obviously, you can change the merchant provider any time, and just have them send the funds to your new offshore bank account.


There are many Master merchant account providers and some are good for some industries, and some may be better for other types of businesses, some have setup fees, some don't.


See here some merchants we work with:

Merchant 1 (GMS): All industries, including high risk Ecommerce, Replica, Telemarketing, Adult, Steroid, Pharmacy, Gaming
Merchant 2 (SWREG): Software related, downloads, no physical goods, no high risk

When you'll sign up, you will instruct the Master merchant to pay the money charged on CC to your offshore bank account.

From here, with a card, you can freely spend the money in shops or withdraw at ATMs.

How safe is to withdraw funds?


Q: But is it safe to use an ATM card?
and What trail is left behind?

A: On the ATM card will be imprinted the company name and your name, but this is safe, because in the ATM machine only the card numbers are stored. The names are not!
When you withdraw cash from ATM or use the card in shops to pay for goods, the ATM sends to card issuer (VISA or MasterCard) only the card numbers, the issuer will send the numbers to the issuing bank, the bank check to see if you have funds in the card account, deduct the amount you withdraw, and reply with OK or NOT OK, than VISA or MC forwards the reply to the ATM, and you can withdraw the money if the bank answered OK, or you will get "insufficient funds" error if you don't have enough funds in the card account.
Only your card issuing bank knows the name behind that card number and these details can NOT be disclosed to any third party without a court order.
We would say that the ATM cards are very safe to use.


It is an undeniable fact that to achieve the full financial and marketing potential of operating on the Net, Internet Traders need a reliable Merchant Account.

Because of the tightening criteria by the major banks, following the events in the United States on the 11th September 2001, such Accounts have become increasingly difficult to secure.
The situation has become even more difficult since April 2002 because two of the major credit card companies have imposed tighter conditions (particularly in relation to Master Accounts) which very few of the smaller Processors can meet.

However, there are still Processors that offer Merchant Accounts with only minimal due diligence but these are usually based in Countries that do not have strict banking laws or are subject to a Governing Body. It is not unusual for some of these Processors to "disappear" from the Net with the resultant financial loss to the Merchant.

With the object of being able to offer our clients the best and most reliable processing service available, we conducted an extensive survey and we feel that the Processors, of which we give details, can be safely recommended.

There are a lot of people asking for merchant accounts, but most of them are for MLM or similar span generating businesses, and they can't get a "local" merchant account, and they try offshore. Most of them believe that they can get it with the same minimum/no requirements as they did with PayPal. Those days are over now.


Now you can go to package page and order your special package.
During the setup, we'll make arrangements for the merchant account.



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