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 All Major Cards Accepted




  Professional offshore incorporations and offshore banking services since 1996

 offshore merchant accounts
(3-rd party billing system)

Commission: 1$ + 6% only
or 75p + 4% if based on GBP
or €1 + 4% if based on Euros

also accept Micro Payments:
 69 cents commission for up to $7 item value..

If you want to accept credit cards, we take only 200 to set you up with the merchant service provider: The fee is refundable in full if you will not be approved !*

If you need your own merchant account, or you have a high risk business, please click here for more details.

Accepted payment methods:
Secure Online Ordering, Phone Orders, and Fax Orders, PayPal, Discover/Novus, Amex, Diners, Master Card, VISA, Solo, Switch, JCB, Connect, Eurocard, Delta, UK and US checks, USD wires against Proformas.

Key Features

Realtime sales. The merchant process most credit cards in real-time.
Some people have Internet access but feel uneasy giving their credit card details online. Instead of giving their credit card they place the order online but complete it by either printing out a form and adding their card number and faxing it toll free, or else calling one of the toll free phone numbers in 16 countries and advising of their order number and credit card number.

Choice of USD or EURO or GBP base pricing.

Electronic delivery of files or keycodes (or both). There are three ways of selling
(i) The merchant makes the sale and simply notify you all the details a few seconds after.
(ii) The merchant make the sale and deliver a licensed file - the download link is emailed to the customer immediately after the sale.
(iii) The merchant make the sale and send an email with a keycode (and/or a download file).

Keycodes can be either linked to a cgi engine on our or your server or simply be a list of valid codes uploaded to us. Or it can be one number fits all. We also have a way for you to issue a temporary code then we automatically send a valid full keycode after X days (you decide how many). This is useful where your product suffers from fraud attempts and gives you time to verify or refund order-

Recurring transactions. Easy to use control panel that lets you handle subscriptions, etc.

Look and Feel - The merchant have a very simple to use menu-driven ordering system but if you require more control, the optional Super Advanced Level at no extra charge enables you to keep all ordering and result pages on your own website - the customer need never even visit the merchants website. You collect all the order details and send them to the merchant in a defined manner and they process them automatically and instantly. Great for Foreign Language ordering environment, Upselling, and recurring charges like Subscriptions - it can take minutes to set your system up with Super Advanced Level. Example websites available to study.

You can also make the ordering pages on our server look and feel like your own website using templates.

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Free optional shopping cart system for your own website (see Super Advanced Level above).

The merchant accepts more forms of payment than most similar services: Mastercard, Eurocard, VISA, Delta, JCB, Switch, Solo, Discover, American Express, Diner's Club, UK cheque, US check, Postcheque, International Money Order, Bank wire and PayPal.

Accept Micro Payments for a special reduced They KEEP ONLY 69 cents up to $7 item value..

All pages display guideline prices in the currency of choice that the customer selects each time he enters the store. The prices shown in USD, GBP or Euro are the exact prices that will appear on the customer's credit card statement (except Diners, Switch or Solo that all calculate in GBP)

The merchant have sophisticated techniques for reducing fraud - they are not 100% there yet but getting close. The merchant do reserve the right to issue refunds where have identified fraud. If the customer denies the charge and the merchant cannot prove supply, or if there was a fraud and the bank chargeback to the merchant, they will do a refund but not penalise you with any chargeback fees although you will lose commission on chargebacks (not refunds).

In May 2003 we expect to move to Verified by Visa and the Mastercard equivalent that will mean that even if you suffer a fraudulent order using Visa or MasterCard you will usually be able to keep the money

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The merchant can calculate and collect the money required to be accounted for under EEC VAT rules.

Some people have Internet access but feel uneasy giving their credit card details online. Instead of giving their credit card they place the order online but complete it by either printing out a form we display and adding their card number and faxing it toll free to us, or else calling one of the toll free phone numbers in 16 countries and advising us of their order number and credit card number.

Online Pro-Forma invoices available where required by the customer to release funds in advance of receipt of product.

Customisation of email receipts - fully configurable - you can have a different email for each delivery method used or each different version of your program or a mix of both (up to 81 possible emails per program sold)! You can now add a unique binary attachment to your email receipt for each order.

Very flexible command line parameters so you can build the order on your own website and squirt it through to us so we display a populated shopping basket to the customer -

Multicurrency selling!

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Affiliate program - your dealers sell for you via our system and both they and you can see online reports.

Price banding - create discount tables for multiple license sales.

Vendor/author administration area - you can see all your sales details in realtime. Also where you do refunds and edit your existing details and add new programs.

The merchant pay you by ACH Direct Deposit, US check, UK BACS (straight into your bank account), UK cheque for ex-pats, Wire transfer and PayPal - you choose! You get paid on or shortly after the 15th of the month following the month of the order (i.e. all August sales paid 15th September). All payments including wire transfers are free of transmission costs (one per month). The merchant can now pay residents of many countries in local currency using a cheque mailed from a local bank at a keen exchange rate. Once the merchant get to know you after a few months  will pay you weekly one week in arrears if you pay is an extra 1%.

You pay other people anywhere in the world using your funds from the  control panel by any of the methods described above.

Payment after one week option. Available to most accounts after a few months of clean trading.

Fewer lost sales. This is true! On other online registration services the transaction simply appears to have failed if the card issuing bank requires a person call the authorisation centre or if the merchant's bank and the card issuing bank get a communications failure (can happen in the run up to Christmas). - Our system explains what has happened, to the customer, and invites him/her to either try another card or click a link to get us to manually obtain authorisation for the card concerned. We find that an amazing 15% or so of orders fail this way so think how may lost orders we could save for you and what money that translates into. We also show a list of all failed orders for you to see so you can contact the customer if you like and find out what happened - we are fully transparent. 5% of orders have an invalid expiry date. The bank gives a failure message but our system analyses the message and invites the customer to correct the date (we only allow this 3 times for security reasons) - would you have lost that sale if using one of our competitors?

Each account costs a flat rate of $20 or 15 a month on top of the discount the merchant keep (1$ + 4%).
For low volume sellers there is a plan that does not require a $20 fee and instead charges you a flat  9.9% (USD) or 15% (GBP) account this is also possible. With this discount rate you are charged whatever it costs to pay you at cost. (i.e up to $30 for a US dollar wire payment), USD check costs $5, GBP cheque costs $5 but all other methods like BACS, ACH and Paypal are free.

NOT ACCEPTED: adult, email harvesters, bulk emailers, mailing lists, cybercafe software, on-line pharmacies, webhosting and related services,  as well as all products that are likely to assist email spammers.
These products attract fraudsters. If we find you sell one and it suffers frauds we will refund all the customers and delete the product without warning

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* the merchant account is free with the special packages. In this case there is nothing to refund if you will not be approved.


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