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Build Assets And Protect Your Future!

Incorporation fees:

A normal complete package to form a  Nevada LLC is US$599  
+ state filling fees

This fee includes:

our service fee, 
Apostille Charter    ($50.00 )
Apostille Power of Attorney      ($50.00)
registered agent service, ($99) 
a certified copy with Apostille (with gold seal), - you need this to open a bank account,

$100 deluxe corporate kit (which includes the corporate seal, bylaws, stock certificates, stock transfer ledger and corporate minutes)
$100 courier delivery
$300 / year NOMINEE director
$75 Tax ID (EIN)
Expedited fee: $250

the fee we pay for your order to be processed with priority by the Nevada state (nothing in here for us).
Nevada corporations are formed within 24 hours of receipt of payment and we will normally receive your documents in about 3 weeks.
the expedited service we will receive your kit and all documents in about 3 business days, and will send them to you (by normal mail, or courier if you've selected the courier delivery option).

Phone/Fax forwarding to email:
 $15.00 monthly service fee, in any of these
US States:

At incorporation or immediately after the incorporation, you have to pay the State fees introduced in August 2001 by the Nevada State Legislature:
$325 State filing fee of Initial List of Officers, and  
$100 filing fee, for Nevada business license application.

Annual Fees:
our annual fee for the registered agent service is $199
Nevada State fee: $225
plus nominee services (if ordered)

ORDER HERE a Nevada company

For your convenience, we have included a Cost Calculator in the order form

Miscellaneous Options:

Aged Companies:
It might look better for your partners and customers, if you can say that your company was established few years ago...
(On the company seal there is the incorporation year, so you can't hide this information)

If you need a new name, what we do is take over an aged corporation & amend the articles with the new name of your choice. We do this for liability reasons.

Prices start at $1350 (instead of $599) for a ONE year old corporation, add $350.00 for each year older.

Bank account Setup (Nevada):$500.00
A SSN is required !!
(US citizens only)

Phone Setup: $155.00
A Nevada Phone # that rings to any other number (in USA only) is also available with this package. This service runs @ $16.00 per month plus your Long Distance Carrier charges.  Additionally, we also have an Answering Service available at cost for $38.40 per month @ .66 per minute; billing in six (6) second increments. The average call, which can vary according to the type of message, is about .33 cents.

Mail Forwarding
Max. 60 pieces mail/one year US$290
Max. 120 pieces mail/one year US$440
We can arrange for any mail addressed to your Company to be forwarded on to you at an address you specify.


Remailing from Nevada: $250/ year + $50 out going postage deposit.
This is a different service: You send your letters in a separate envelope to our Nevada office, and we mail them for you. The advantage: Your letters will have a Nevada stamp on, and your customer will know you are in Nevada.

For your convenience, we have included a Cost Calculator in the order form:

ORDER a Nevada company

Our standard incorporation service includes preparation and filing of the Articles or Certificate of Incorporation with the State of Incorporation and paying the State Filing fees and any county fees or publishing required.

1.) No Personal Income Tax In Nevada
2.) No Corporate Income Tax In Nevada
3.) No Corporation Franchise Tax In Nevada
4.) No Corporation Succession Tax In Nevada
5.) No Taxes On Corporate Shares In Nevada
6.) Minimal Reporting And Disclosure In Nevada
7.) Nominal Annual Fees
8.) No IRS "Info" Sharing (Nevada Is Private!)
9.) Corporate Stockholders Are NOT Public Record


Ultimate Asset Protection . . . $1525.00 (see info below)


Aged Corporations Available


Offices Available


Virtual Offices Available


Get The Ultimate Asset Protection! 

If by chance you have considerable assets and want to provide the most protection available, we recommend that you incorporate in Nevada by Nominee; then have your corporation be the incorporator of a Nevada LP (Limited Partnership), wherein you place your assets. 

In the event of a law suit, a Nevada LP constructed after this fashion affords an attorney many avenues of defence. More importantly, there is no better way to cloak your assets from public view, other than remove them from the country.

We offer this deluxe service, which includes every step of protection provided by Nevada law, for the low price of $1525. Included in this price are two sets of Certified Copies; a Nevada Business License; a Resident Agent Stock Ledger (simple steps to protect you from being pierced); a Nevada DBA; Nominee Service; a Super Deluxe Soft Kit with your corporate name embossed on it; Federal Tax ID; Bank Setup (available only for US customers because the SSN is now required); and first year Resident Agency for both entities.

You can put you own assets in the corporation by a Bill of Sale or a by Transfer of property, or by refinancing an asset that isn't paid for, and this, in the corporation's name. You needs to make a corporate Resolution for each action. After you place an asset in the corporation the asset is to be migrated into the LP by the same process.

ORDER a Nevada company

ORDER a Nevada Ultimate Asset Protection package

More About The Nevada Advantage

Corporate stockholders, directors and officers need not live, or even hold meetings in Nevada, or be a U.S.A. Citizen. Corporation directors need not be stockholders. Corporate officers and directors of a Nevada Corporation or a Nevada Limited Liability Company are protected from personal liability when incorporating lawful business policies and practices.

The Silver State is the best state to incorporate in, bar none! Indeed, Nevada is one of the few states that doesn't exact a corporation income tax on your Corporation or Limited Liability Company. By contrast, some states have imposed a corporation tax of up to $1000.00 per year.

Still others, assess a tax of over 8%, which doesn't protect your assets, while even those who are Nevada's fiercest competitors, charge franchise taxes. As already shown, Nevada has no corporation taxes, however, the officers of Nevada based corporations are still subject to personal Federal Income Tax, as everyone is in the United States. (Merely 15% on the first $50,000.00 of income!).

A Nevada Corporation is privileged by law to have many tax deductions which are not attainable for individuals. Moreover, Nevada Corporations have a lower tax rate at every stage of their income.

A Nevada Corporation may purchase, sell, hold, or transfer shares of its own stock. Nevada Corporations may issue stock or shares for services, labor, capital, personal property, or even real estate, such as leases and options. The directors may determine the value of any of these transactions.

Nevada is the only state that allows the use of Bearer Shares for privacy of ownership. Fittingly, Nevada does not compel corporations to list the position of their Vice-President. In fact, Vice-Presidents may use Bearer Shares and have ownership while remaining entirely unidentified.

Nevada Revised Statutes do not require any stock-holder to register with the state. Finally, Nevada has always held to the policy of no reciprocation of favors with the Internal Revenue Service. Unlike other states, Nevada continues to decline discussion of private information. Indeed, Nevada is the way to protect your assets.



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