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Every day we get this question:

How much it will cost me to get an offshore company and bank account?

Offshore Merchant Accounts

For your convenience we have included a cost calculator in almost every order form !

For example:

How much does a Delaware company cost:

Answer: follow these 3 easy steps:
1) go to the order form:
2) select the options you need,
3) and the total of your order is automatically calculated and displayed at the bottom of the form,
 in a box like this:

        Total of your order US$:

Simple ! isn't it?

Which is the Initial Capital required to start an offshore company?
Answer: About
$999 (see the special package above).

You only need to have the money for  the fees to incorporate the company and open the bank account, as far as setting up the offshore structure is concerned.
For most of the offshore jurisdiction, you do
NOT need to have the money for the company initial capitalization and you are NOT required to have or deposit this capital in a bank.
For BVI, Panama,... initial capitalization is $50.000 for example, but you do not need to have that money. This is only to prepare the incorporation documents and issue the share certificates.

Where can we open a bank account for the Offshore Company?
Anywhere in the world !!, not only in the country where it is incorporated.
With the documents we provide, you can open the bank account in any bank, anywhere in the world.


Now, Go to  Offshore Jurisdictions page to select your preferred jurisdiction,
than go to the order page where you can use the cost calculator

If this does not answer your questions,    click here for a quote ?

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