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Company name
Incorporate in  Cyprus

Standard  incorporation fee for  Cyprus Offshore Corporation:  1,950 (one-off)

+Company secretary:  200 / year  (per annum, p.a.)
+Registered Office address  200 /year

Subtotal: 2,350

Name of the company (insert three names in order of preference).
New registration:
1st choice -

2st choice -

3st choice -

or  reserved for you

Some sensitive words may not be used in the name of a Cyprus IBC. These are: Assurance, Bank, Building Society, Chamber of Commerce, Chartered, Cooperative, Imperial, Insurance, Municipal, Trust, Foundation or any words of similar meaning, as well as any words that suggest patronage or any connection with Cyprus or the Government of Cyprus or with any other country or the Government of that country.
Reasons for name selection to enhance the possibility for name approval.

If the proposed name is very similar to that of any other, please give full details and supply letter of consent from that other company for using its name.

Brief outline of the principal objects of the proposed company.

Estimate of annual turnover for first 12 month period:

Other instructions

Obtain VAT number € 300
Obtain TAX number € 200


use standard wording of company activities Standard corporate documents include a general objects clause which is to engage in any act or activity that is not prohibited under any law for the time being in force in Cyprus , except that the company shall not carry on any banking, insurance, reinsurance or trust business . If, in addition to that, You wish to separately state or emphasise a particular activity, please specify.
use specific wording of company activities, as specified below:

Any other amount or a no-par-value capital can be selected.
Proposed capital structure
Number of Shares Value in Euro
(a) Authorised Capital
(b) Issued Capital
Register standard authorised share capital.
Register other amount of authorised share capital:
  divided into shares of € each.

Directors and Nominee Directors

 Corporate Directors are permitted. Services of Nominee Director are available.
€ 300 Appoint Corporate body as Nominee Director / year
€ 600 Appoint Private individual as Nominee Director /year
Appoint the following as Director(s):

Director information: 

Full Name:*  
Address *

City, State, Zip* ,
Passport Number*
Date Of Birth* (DD/MM/YYYY)

Power of Attorney: 150   (if you have selected a nominee service)

[!] Only if the Nominee Director has been selected, in order to enable some or all of the operational functions of the company to be carried out by the client, Powers of Attorney can be issued to the client or any other person(s) designated by the client. If You wish Powers of Attorney to be issued, please indicate here to whom.
Personal ID or passport number:
Personal ID or passport number:
Shareholders and Nominee Shareholders
Shareholder information must be registered and kept up-to-date by the Registered Agent. Services of Nominee Shareholder(s) are available.
€ 300 p.a. Corporate body Nominee Shareholder is required.
€ 600 p.a. Private individual Nominee Shareholder is required.
Issue / transfer shares to the following shareholders:

Shareholder Information


City, State, Zip*
Passport Number* /reg. number:
Date Of Birth* (DD/MM/YYYY)


Please note that deliveries by courier can not be made to PO boxes. To order delivery by courier, a contract person and an telephone needs to be indicated.
deliver documents by:
Courier delivery of documents € 100
Address: *

City, State, Zip* ,
Phone Number*

We are obliged by the law to know and be able to identify our client and the beneficial owner of the company. This information is only for our internal file and will be kept confidential at all times, subject to the applicable laws. This information is NOT part of any public record. We will consider the person(s) indicated in this field to be our client(s) and the beneficial owner(s) of the company hereby ordered. We will not take any further instructions in regards of this company from any other persons except the one(s) indicated here.
e-mail: (required)
[!] We will require a certified copy of passport (or other similar ID) and an original proof of address for each person indicated here. A proof of address is any recent document where the name and residential address of the person is indicated. A recent utility bill, landline telephone bill, credit card or bank statement or other similar document is suitable as a proof of address.

Mail Forwarding from Cyprus (€ 500)

We can arrange for any letters addressed to your Company to be forwarded on to you at an address you specify. Please check below only if you DO want mail forwarding.

Mail Forwarding - € 500 payable annually in advance, plus the actual cost of postage. We take a € 100 deposit to cover and then invoice for a further sum when this is used up.

Please indicate the mailing forwarding address:


City, State, Zip 
Phone Number 

For other MAILDROP, please check or virtual office pages.
Please note that the receipt of an order plus full payment including mail forwarding will be subject to our Terms and Conditions.

Corporate Bank Account Introduction and account opening:

€ 300 Bank account
subject to requirements prescribed by the bank

Nominee Bank Signatory service 1000 / year
 If we provide nominee services for your company, we will assist you further in facilitating the opening of a bank account for the Company.

Payment Methods

I will pay by:   Please check here all accepted payment methods 

Total of your order €:
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After you submit your order,
we will reply with a tracking number and payment instructions.

Cyprus orders require a hard copy with your signature to be faxed or scanned and emailed us, so after receiving this form and payment, we will send you a hard copy form to prin, sign and return to us by email or fax.


1/ Please quote your name or e-mail address as a reference with your wire transfer. Otherwise we may not be able to tie in receipts with specific orders, which can delay the opening of your account!

2/ Please ensure that the GROSS order value is wired to our account. All currency exchange and wire costs, including those of any intermediary banks, MUST be debited from YOUR account.


Warning - before you order:  receipt of this form plus accompanying payment by any means will constitute a confirmed and irrevocable order. Please also read the Disclaimer on our Introduction Page.

I have read and agree to provide  due diligence requirements and
I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions as posted on this Website.

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