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US Fax: +1 212 202-6468 
UK Fax: +44 207 900 1987


Tax Proof Offshore Structure: $3999

Company + Bank Acc + Merchant acc:  €999 (euro)

IBC incorporations:

  Jurisdiction basic first year fee
Anguila $1600
  Bank Account provided from Anguilla ($500)
Belize $950
Charitable Trusts / Foundations: $2,900
Full Discretionary Trust: Formation Fee: $1,500 (Annual Trustee Fee: $750)

Belize Bank Accounts
Bank Account In Belize US$500

  • Minimum deposit US$1,000;
  • Internet Banking
  • Brokerage/Investment 
  • Credit Card - Visa or MC  
  • Prepaid and secured available.
  • Requires 1 bank references and notarized passport for I/D
BVI $999

Read the due diligence for more information about BVI nominee and third party nominee.

Cayman Islands $3600   Read the due diligence for Cayman incorporations.
Costa Rica $1100
Cyprus $3900
Delaware $559

Expedited service. The fee we pay to the state, to process your order with priority.
Delaware corporations are formed within 24 hours of receipt of payment and we will receive your documents from the state in 2-4 weeks. With the expedited service fee we will receive all documents in 3 to 4 business days, and will send them to you (by normal mail, or courier):
No Expedited service: we get the documents in 2-4 weeks, when we'll send to you.
3-4 days Expedited service: $75
1 day Expedited service: $110 We get the documents from the state in one day.

$75 Deluxe corporate kit. You will need it if you want to open a bank account !
         (includes the corporate seal, bylaws, stock certificates, stock transfer ledger and corporate minutes).

Dominica $999
  Bank Account provided from Dominica ($500)
Gibraltar  EXEMPT GBP 1075
Gibraltar  Non-Resident GBP 770
Hong Kong  

Package 1 You provide director and shareholder: US$: 1,500   First year basic costs

Package 2 With Nominee Service: US$: 1,750  
Package 1 +
1 nominee director and 1 shareholder.
Certified and Apostilled Power Of Attorney  $250   (Only for package 2 )
HK Bank account at HSBC: $499 +$300 Initial deposit
    (Only available for package 2 and 3)
I need Internet Banking and I authorize the nominee director to collect the passwords to
        forward to me.

Isle Of Man 1990
Mauritius $1400
Marshal Islands $1399
Malta EURO 2310
Nevada $599

$165 State filing fee of Initial List of Officers introduced in August 2001 by the Nevada State Legislature.
$100 filing fee, Nevada business license 
Aged Companies:
I need an OLD company incorporated in      (yyyy)
Basic fee is $1350 instead of $599, for a ONE year old company and add $350 for each year older.
This fee also include the name change.
$250 Expedited service. Include:
$500 Bank account Setup  
     A SSN is required - you must be US resident-, and have Tax ID (select below)
$75 Tax ID (EIN)

Nevis $984
  Bank Account provided in Nevis ($500)
New Zealand $1499
  $500 I require a bank account with ANZ Bank
Company ($650)
Foundation ($800)  
Trust ($900)
Samoa $975

International Company or
Limited Life International Company (LLC)
I want a Long Term Incorporation 
For an international company which elects to be incorporated or registered for a long term period the fees are as follow:

Incorporation fee US$1,250 (instead of $975)
Government fees:
    5 years US$1,000
10 years Government fee US$1,500
20 years Government fee US$2,000

Seychelles $699
Singapore $6990
St. Vincent $999
  bank account in St. Vincent $500
Turks & Caicos Islands $2300
  bank account in TCI $700
Vanuatu $1299

Car Registration in Vanuatu.

I want to register a car in Vanuatu:  See details here: Vanuatu Car Registration

  Normal Plates $820

  Personalized Plates: $1200
I require a bank account with ANZ Bank

Preferred company Name:

Do you require a ready-made company?

If yes, state the name of any ready-made company which may have been reserved for you:

Two alternative names are also required. If all three names are currently taken, we will attempt to logically re-combine your choices to create a unique company name. This will be reserved but not confirmed until you have agreed it is acceptable.

Alternative 1:   Alternative 2:   

* Nature of Business for which Company is intended (For our internal files only):

* Where will Company operate  (For our internal files only):

Nominee service:

I will provide Director(s)
Please provide Corporate Nominee Directors (US$300 / year)
Please provide Third Party Nominee Directors (US$400 / year)
I will provide Shareholders
Corporate Nominee Shareholders (US$300 / year)
Please provide Third Party Nominee Shareholders (US$400 / year)

Power of Attorney: $150   (if you have selected a nominee service)

Your FULL Name, Address, Date of Birth, Profession/Occupation please:
If you have selected Nominee director service, these details will be included in the POA, not in the incorporation documents.


(a) Full Forenames
and Surname
(b) Any Former Names
(c) Usual Residential Address
(d) Telephone Number
(e) Nationality
(f) Occupation
(g) Passport No. & place of issue
(h) Date of birth

Contact us if you need more directors.

Shares and shareholders 

We recommend to either get registered shares in your name, if privacy is not an issue, or to use our nominee shareholder service ($300/year)

3. PARTICULARS OF Shareholders:

(a) Full Forenames
and Surname
(b) Any Former Names
(c) Usual Residential Address
(d) Telephone Number
(e) Nationality
(f) Occupation
(g) Passport No. & place of issue
(h) Date of birth
Number/percentage of shares  
(i) Type of Shares Common

Contact us if you need more Shareholders.

Extra Share Certificates   
We deliver our corporations with maximum 10 share certificates.
Extra share certificates is US$ 10 each.


As is required by law, we would always need a document on file identifying the above individuals.
Please check here the due diligence requirements.

Optional Extras:

Certificate of Incorporation with Apostille US$150 (required for any bank acc)
Corporate Seal
 (required for bank acc) US$50
Notarization of M&A:  US$150
Courier delivery of documents

Virtual Office Services:

Mail Forwarding ($400)
We can arrange for any letters addressed to your Company to be forwarded on to you at an address you specify. 
Mail Forwarding  from the jurisdiction of incorporation - US$400 payable annually in advance, plus the actual cost of postage. We take a US$50 deposit to cover and then invoice for a further sum when this is used up.
New York USA Mail Forwarding
US$350 payable annually in advance, plus the actual cost of postage. We take a US$50 deposit to cover and then invoice for a further sum when this is used up.

Please indicate the mailing forwarding address:


Street Address: 




Zip/Post Code:  


 US Phone forwarding to email::
$180/year ($15.00 monthly service fee) Select US State:

US Fax forwarding to email:
$180/year ($15.00 monthly service fee) Select US State:

UK Maildrop:
Service Annual Cost Cost per Item Select one if you want to order
Premium $500 (include 50 for postage) NIL
Standard $350 (include $50 for postage) 1.25
Discount $300 (include $50 for postage) 1.75


UK Phone answering service:

Standard charges: GB75.00    Connection Fee (one off payment)
GB0.38    Per Message (After the free amount)
   Inbound calls

Choice of services

(monthly fees + 17.5% VAT)

Basic Level, NO monthly fee !
28.00    First Level, inc. 35 Free messages
40.00    Second Level, inc. 75 Free messages
50.00    Third Level, inc. 65 Free messages and an alpha numerical pager
70.00    Fourth Level, inc. 35 Free messages, a pager
                 and a 24 hour
Live Phone Operator  to take all of your calls


Corporate Bank Accounts

Nordic One:

Nordic One Personal account (€350)
Nordic One Corporate account (€450) 
VISA Electron debit Card   € 180 
Maestro debit Card  € 180  
International ATM CashCard € 190

   Nordic One Credit Cards:
Card type
Click on a circle next to an appropriate
No credit card. Thank you.
VISA Classic € 250
VISA Business € 290
EC/MC Mass € 250
EC/MC Business € 290
EC/MC Gold € 350
Login name
Card type
Click on a circle next to an appropriate option.
VISA   MasterCard
Currency of the card account
Click on a circle next to an appropriate option.
€   GBP   
Account validity period
  3 months: €20
  6 months: €36
  9 months: €50
12 months: €60

Nominee Bank Signatory service $1000 / year
If we provide nominee services for your company, we could assist you further in facilitating the opening of a bank account for the Company.

If you would like an account at another bank, please advise us separately by e-mail with all the details and we will try to make the necessary arrangements. Fees may vary from those quoted here.


Delivery Details

Please provide us with a Name and Address for delivery of the Company Kit. This can be anywhere in the world and can itself be a mail drop address if you require additional privacy. Please note however that because we normally deliver by Courier, we must have a full street address. A P.O. Box or General Delivery address will not suffice. If you do insist on a P.O. Box or a General Delivery address, your Company documents will be sent to you by ordinary mail. If this happens, delivery by sea-mail can be lengthy - several weeks in fact. If any banking facilities are required, your name and street address are a must.

DELIVERY address of incorporation documents:

Last Name:  
Street Address: 
Zip/Post Code:  

In case we need to contact you we would appreciate some contact numbers. These are optional however but please note that if there is a problem with your order and we cannot contact you other than by post, substantial delays could occur and we cannot be held responsible for any actual or consequential loss due to these delays.

If you wish to receive ANY return e-mail correspondence from us, your e-mail address is a must!

E-mail: * (required)     
Fax:  (Please include your country code.)
Write here please any comments or observations related to your order

Payment Methods

I will pay by:   Please check here all accepted payment methods 

Please calculate the Total of your order US$: + EURO:
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"Send Order Now" button below)

Insert here any promotional code or special offer:

After you submit your order,
we will reply with a tracking number and payment instructions.

1/ Please quote your name or e-mail address as a reference with your wire transfer. Otherwise we may not be able to tie in receipts with specific orders, which can delay the opening of your account!
2/ Please ensure that the GROSS order value is wired to our account. All currency exchange and wire costs, including those of any intermediary banks, MUST be debited from YOUR account.

Warning - before you order:
receipt of this form plus accompanying payment by any means will constitute a confirmed and irrevocable order. Please also read the Disclaimer on our Introduction Page.

I have read and agree to provide  due diligence requirements and
I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions as posted on this Website.

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