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  Professional offshore incorporations and offshore banking services since 1996

Bank accounts offered from Seychelles

Our Offshore banking service is designed to give you optimal secrecy and protection through the setup of offshore companies. There are no annual company returns to furnish and company directors and shareholders remain anonymous especially with the use of nominee services. We offer a 2-day offshore company incorporation service with your IBC documents couriered right to your doorstep. 

Offshore bank accounts are opened in the name of your offshore entity and are operated in the same manner as your mainland or onshore bank accounts. Your payments can be directly credited and funds may shift in and out via online wire transfers. You can also access account balances and statements online and transfer funds between accounts.

Debit cards are issued with withdrawals possible from anywhere in the World at ATM machines or over the counter.  

Bank One, formerly known as the First City Bank, has just undergone a major re-branding exercise. The Bank is a universal bank providing for all customers segments: Retail, Private, Corporate, SME, and International Banking.
Possibility to open call accounts and deposit lesser than 1,000 in any of the major currencies. However these call accounts would NOT earn any interests. The minimum balance to earn interests in the call account is 1,000 in any of the major currencies.

  • Accounts in major currencies- for Global Business, Trust, Foreign Company, Fund, Non Resident Individual (Checking accounts in MUR also available)
  • Call interest bearing accounts, term deposits in major currencies at competitive rates.
  • Inward remittances free of charge
  • Outward payments at competitive rates and commissions
  • Debit cards available
  • Internet banking coming up soon
Telegraphic Transfers Free
Cash Deposit USD 15 per cheque
Cheques for collection USD 15 per cheque

Telegraphic transfers
(including swift charges)
0.15% (Min-USD30, Max-USD75)  
Drafts USD 25 flat
Travellers Cheques 1% ( Min USD 15 )
Cash Withdrawal 1% (Min USD10)


Bramer Banking Corporation Ltd (formerly known as South East Asian Bank Ltd) is licensed by the Bank of Mauritius and started operations in June 1989. In April 2008, SEAB became part of the British American Investment Group (BAI) and the name of the Bank was changed to Bramer Banking Corporation Ltd on 29 August 2008.

Prior to the take-over by BAI, SEAB was a member of the CIMB Group, Malaysia.

  • No minimum balance required for bank account opening;
  • Multiple cards for Corporate Accounts. No Security Deposit is required;
  • Withdraw cash anywhere in the world on ATMs dispaying VISA logo;
  • Effect payments at Point of Sales displaying Visa Logo;
  • Enquire Balance (depending on ATM);
  • Print Mini Statement (depending on ATM);
  • Flexible, personalised and quality service;
  • Multicurrency accounts can be opened;
  • atttractive rates of interests;
  • competitive fees and tariffs;
  • no withholding tax on deposits;
  • Internet banking coming up soon.

Interests given on savings account, interest rates will be floating and re-priced quarterly on 1st January, 1st April, 1st July and 1st October each year. The pricing will be benchmarked against the LIBOR Rate.

TT Swift Free of charge
Cash Deposit US$ 20 Min
Cheque/Draft/TC US$ 25- 40
Correspondent bank investigation US$ 30

Internal funds transfer within SEAB US$ 4
TT Swift US$ 25-60
Bank draft US$ 20-30
Cash withdrawal US$ 30 Min

Maintenance fees  
Active account Free of charge
Dormant account US$ 15 semi annually
Unclaimed account US$ 100 annually


Accounts are available in US dollars, Canadian Dollars, Pounds and Euros and is designed around you with immediate access to your funds either by wire transfer or cashier's cheque by means of various correspondent banks around the world (Bank of America - New York & London, Royal Bank of Canada - Toronto & Lloyd Bank - London). Cheque books can be made available upon request. A regular monthly statement is provided free of charge and arrangements can be made for standing orders to meet recurring payments. A minimum deposit of US$1,000 (or currency equivalent) is required upon the approval and opening of the account.

Corporate Visa Gold Credit Card 
These credit cards allow you to make purchases or gain access to funds from anywhere in the world. The minimum credit limit for a Belize Bank Visa Gold credit card is US$5,000 and you may apply for a credit limit of up to US$25,000. Only requirement is that funds are held in a secured US dollar bank account in an amount equal to 150% of the credit card limit.

Annual Renewal Fee 
The membership fee payable to Belize Bank is US$125. Thereafter additional cards may be issued for a fee of US$25 per card. The relevant fees will be shown as a deduction on the first monthly statement and will be billed annually. These charges are subject to change at the discretion of the Bank.

Instant Cash with your Card
Cash may be obtained with Credit card from any automatic teller machine ("ATM") displaying the "Visa" or "Plus" logos. Cash can also be obtained from any bank displaying the "Visa" logo.

Internet banking:

  • View current balance information, savings, term deposits, loans and credit card accounts;
  • Review transaction history;
  • Pay your Credit Card, Loan or Mortgage;
  • Pay Bills!;
  • Authorize transfer of funds accounts
  • Transfer funds to other Belize Bank Accounts;
  • Print all accessible account information ;
  • Send the bank secure online mail messages and questions.


1.BMI Offshore Bank
2.Barclays Bank Seychelles Offshore
  (Update September 2011: Barclays Seychelles is now asking for a minimum deposit of $100.000 and a monthly fee of $100 if balance under minimum. We hope it is for a short period of time.)
3.Hang Seng Bank Limited-Hong Kong

  • Internet banking available;
  • Debit cards;
  • Multicurrency accounts.

For further information about these banks, please contact us

For your convenience, we have included a Cost Calculator in the order form:

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